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TRACTO-TECHNIK (TT Group) is a modern and innovative family-owned company with its headquarters in Lennestadt/Germany which was founded in 1962 by the engineer Paul Schmidt.. The name says it all - as the company initially only produced machines for extracting drill rods and sheet piles. In the early 70s TRACTO-TECHNIK specialized on the divisions trenchless technologies (Nodig systems) andtube fabrication technology, which have consequently been extended since. In 2007 a further division for geothermal energy was instituted.


Always close to you

TRACTO-TECHNIK (TT Group) has more than 500 employees all over the world and exports to more than 60 countries. Five plants with seven service branch offices in Germany and five subsidiaries abroad guarantee proximity to the customers worldwide.

Since 1982 TT's Bedford-based UK subsidiary TT UK Ltd. offer innovative trenchless methods and equipment solutions to customers in Great Britain and Ireland, South Africa, Indonesia, India and the Middle East, supported by a strong distributor network with an excellent customer pre- and after sales service being a number one priority.

Nodig systems

Geothermal energy

Nodig systems (e.g. Grundodrill 15XP)

  • Soil displacement hammers(moles)
  • Pipe ramming machines,
  • HDD boring systems
  • Pipe replacement systems 
  • Geothermal engergy (e.g. Geodrill 4R)


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    Site printed: Aug 31, 2014